Wagamama Cook Book

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I am a huge fan of Wagamama and I certainly have my favourite dishes which I order the majority of the time I visit. I venture away from my usual’s every once and a while to try the new things that come onto the menu or just something that needs to be experienced.

When I picked up the book I was excited to try making all my favourite dishes at home however don’t expect to find all your favourites in the *book.

For my review of the book I tried out dishes similar to what I would order at the restaurant so that I would know if you were really getting a Wagamama experience at home.

Yaki Soba

Yaki Soba – The dish of stir fried chicken and prawns with noodles. They use soba noodles at Wagamama but ramen noodles can also be used. I didn’t enjoy this dish, it was OK but it just wasn’t great. I believe it was missing something as it did not taste as it does at the restaurant.

chicken teriyaki stirfry

Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry – A dish just as it sounds and I didn’t enjoy this either, it just didn’t taste good. It just tasted of soy sauce. When you think of Wagamama it is always so flavoursome and full of different ingredients. Even though this dish had many ingredients the soy overpowered everything. Are there milder soy sauces that you can use?

Roasted Honey Pork Ramen – The pork is delicious when cooked like this. I would use this recipe for many other dishes. It would work well in a salad. Sadly the broth in the ramen was very plain but I did use a stock I had in rather than the Wagamama recipe.

Honey Roast Pork Ramen

The recipes were OK but not near as good as you would have in the restaurant. I think being at Wagamama’s is a big part of the experience but I can vouch for their take-out. The book just doesn’t hit the spot if your wanting a Wagamama. I would stick to visiting the restaurant or the take-away rather then making your own at home. The book is also a few years old now and the menu has had several revamps so your current favourite may not be in the book.

When going through the book bare in mind that your favourite dish could be under a different name. I love beef tataki and it is sometime on the Wagamama menu but in this book it is under seared beef sashimi.

Buy the book *here and if you are interested in learning about more Asian cookbooks check out my Itsu cookbook review next week.