Itsu Cook Book

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I first time I discovered Itsu it was in London and I hated how there wasn’t any in Scotland. Each time I travel down south I have to visit. I am not down south very often and I am not a patient person, so I knew I had to have the book when I spotted a copy in Tkmaxx.

The book starts with eating the itsu way and then a glossary of terms used and some ingredients you may not know about. It then carries on with all the essentials you will need to eat the Itsu way. It may seem expensive at first to buy everything but if you plan to eat this way a lot then the costs work out.

When I visit Itsu I usually get the sushi but when trying out the book I wanted to try other items to get a fuller sense of Itsu food.

  • Salmon Teriyaki – This was soo good. You need to try this dish if you love salmon. The sauce layerd over the salmon was thick and sweet with a little salty savory flavour coming through. A very good combination with the salmon. If it gets too sweet for you pairing the dish with rice helps to tone down the sweetness.Salmon Teriyaki
  • Chicken Teriyaki – It was a very simple dish and it tasted it too. It wasn’t a bad meal just quite plain. I added rice to mine which makes it a very quick meal but there are better recipes to try.
  • Itsu baked seabass with ginger and spring onion – Also a very good and easy to cook dish. The fish is cooked in foil pouches and this really infuses all the flavours together, creating a very delicious dish.
  • Scrambled eggs with prawns & nori – This is a plain but filling option especially for breakfast. The protein in the dish keeps you full for awhile. I thought the combination was a bit odd but it is something I could get used to.
    Egg and prawns
    This book contains very healthy meals and this is a book I could work my whole way through. It is full of quick to make dishes perfect for all times of day. We can’t always visit places like Itsu due to the costs or not having any near where we work or live but this book does allow for the Itsu experience at home.

If you also love *Itsu then this is a book for you.