Jackfruit Pulled Pork Style

Is jackfruit a good replacement for pulled pork? It was a question I had asked many times and I finally decided to find out.

In a bid to be healthier over the last year I have looked towards more vegatarian and vegan options. This is not because of the moral implications of eating meat but to eat more vegetables and learn more about foods I don’t usually eat.

Raw Jack Fruit

Over the last few years street food has become very popular and when vegan food is mentioned I always see jackfruit being used in the same way as pulled pork. When looking into jackfruit I learned that when cooked jackfruit can be pulled in the same way as pork, creating the same type of textures as pulled\pork.

I wasn’t sure where to pick up any jack fruit near me so I ordered some on online and it came in a can. At first glance it looked weird and smelt weird too. I wanted to give it a fair try and made pulled pork on the same day and used the same BBQ sauce.

I wasn’t sure how to cook the jackfruit so I gave it a quick boil for safety and then put in a hot pan until it was softer in texture. It very quickly became soft enough to shred with forks.

BBQ Jackfruit

Once pulled and covered with sauce it did resemble pulled pork quite a bit and the texture wasn’t all that different. The taste is different obviously but not enough to hate what I was eating. I can imagine that if someone first tried jackfruit in a burrito or taco they may not know they weren’t eating meat. The texture makes you think of meat but the taste is just a bit off if you were expecting meat.

When the jack fruit has cooled down it tastes quite sweet and the fruit flavour intensifies a lot as it cools down. This is not something I could eat cold.

I think that jackfruit would help a lot of people who wish to transition into a vegan lifestyle and it would be something I would order if I was at a vegan eatery.

Jackfruit isn’t for everyone but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it may be. If you see it give it a go but it won’t be taking me away from pulled pork.