Hotel Chocolat and Coro Chocolate Cafe

As much as we love Easter eggs, there are times when we want something more indulgent especially if you want to treat someone. So, I went out into Glasgow to see where would be a great Easter treat option.

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat Mini Eggs

The store on Buchanan Street is very modern with their black and white design however it is full of so many chocolate options that it becomes an inviting space. Looking around the store there are many choices if you wanted to gift someone an egg but let them choose it themselves. You could take someone here for the ultimate treat. This store also has a cafe with a small but indulgent selection on offer. I tried the limited edition Easter Hot Cross Caramel hot chocolate, which is a mouth full to say and to try and drink. I ordered a regular and was very happy I did. I was amazed at the cream on the top but how do you drink this when your on the go? I’m not sure if I forgot to pick up a spoon. The cream was very rich and chocolatey and was sprinkled with a ground biscuit (very much like a biscoff). The biscuit was a great addition as it helps to cut down the sweetness of so much cream. I tackled the drink by using the chocolate bunny topper as a spoon. To be very honest once I had finished the cream I was too full for the drink itself. After a little wait I did enjoy my hot chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat Easter Hot Chocolat

The hot chocolate is also very indulgent and creamy but it is not very sweet. The full on chocolate flavour is there but it has a slight bitter aftertaste. This is due to the use of dark chocolate but rather than being unpleasant it’s another factor in reducing the sweetness of this drink. I almost forgot to mention the caramel aspect of the drink because I think the drink did too. The caramel may just be there to add another layer of sweetness but you wouldn’t know it was there. When I had mine I was on the way to college and worrying about time so I may have rushed the top part. When I got to college and I was able to just sit and have a drink, I really enjoyed it. This is the definition of an indulgent drink. If you were having a nice lazy Easter Sunday and stopped by their cafe to have a relaxing moment this is the drink to have. Perfect accompaniment to a chilled but indulgent afternoon.

Hotel Chocolat Brownies

If you fancy a brownie to go with your hot chocolate I would recommend their Original Brownie. This is a nice thick bar with a slightly fudgey texture. Not too dry and with a few added crunch pieces of white chocolate to give extra texture. After having a very disappointing brownie at a bakery last week I was very happy with this one. This is what a brownie is supposed to be like.

Coro Chocolate Cafe

Coro Chocolate Cafe Milkshakes

The Coro Cafe on Sauchiehall street is filled with comfy american style booths. There are a couple wide screen tvs on the walls showcasing what is available and these will make you hungry. They have a very tempting menu of crepes, pancakes, waffles and more. Milkshakes are available if you prefer a sweet drink. Although they do have some savoury options this is definitely for those with a sweet tooth.

Coro Chocolate Cafe - 'pizza' waffle

My boyfriend and I went along yesterday and I ordered the pumpkin spice waffle with a caramel popcorn milkshake and he ordered the ‘pizza’ and chips crepes with a white chocolate milkshake. My boyfriend’s order was nice but it is not as savoury as it sounds. The crepes are topped with strawberries, marshmallows and cooli with waffle chips and a chocolate dip. He struggled to finish as he doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth but said he would go back as the food was good. He would also try something more savoury or with lots of fruit of the next visit.

Coro Chocolate Cafe pumpkin spice waffle

I loved all of mine. I was wary of the milkshake as I don’t like thick milkshakes but it was actually quite thin in consistency which makes it much easier to drink with how sweet it is. It tasted exactly like butterkist toffee popcorn and was topped with cream and popcorn. The waffles had a lovely soft and fluffy texture. My dish came with whipped cream rather than ice-cream which made the whole meal feel light. I do have a huge sweet tooth but too much dairy can make me feel a bit sick but I would have this again and again and again. I am wondering when I can go back and try something else or even order takeout as they are available on deliveroo.

So what did I discover? That Glasgow has some great chocolate options. I do enjoy Hotel Chocolat especially their truffles but I can’t see myself having their hot chocolates that often if they all come with that much cream. Coro, I would go back today if I wasn’t watching my weight. I say go to Hotel Chocolat for Easter as the hot chocolate is limited edition and make Coro a new dessert favourite.