Who does the best Chai Latte?

The weather can’t decide what it’s doing, one minute it’s bright and sunny and the next it’s freezing with threats of snow. So what do we need at this time of year? Something cosy and the chai latte is one of the best forms of that cosy feeling.

Since chai is one of my favourite teas I decided to try them from each of the big coffee houses, so that we could find out who offers the best option when your feeling like you need something to warm you up.

To keep it fair I ordered a small from each location that offered size variations.

Pret was the first stop and they offer one size priced at £1.90. Pret has a more spicy chai with foamy milk, that’s sweet at first and then deliciously spicy afterwords. The spice lingers on the tongue but it’s not overpowering. I would give this almost top marks with a 4.5 out of 5.

In Nero the small chai latte was £3.05 and it was nice but very mild. I like the offer of having extra chocolate or cinnamon on the top but I would prefer the extra flavour in the drink. It’s not a bad chai, it’s just nice. Not spicy, not too sweet, it just lacks that something extra that makes you feel cosy. 3 out of 5.

Starbucks is my firm favourite but it’s my treat drink. This chai latte never fails to make me feel cosy but it is the most expensive on the list at £3.15 for a small. I order this drink every once in a while for a treat as I could easily drink this everyday. This chai has a perfect blend of sweet and spicy which comes through in every sip even the frothy ones. This is the tea that you need at the end of a bad day just taking a moment to yourself and relaxing. It’s like being cosy by the fire in a cup. 5 out of 5 all the time.

Costa’s option was very mild in regards to sweetness and ended with a slight spicy aftertaste. It is nice as it’s a chai but it’s average.  I am not a fan of Costa Coffee and have had better experiences at other location but I won’t be too negative as I don’t want to be biased here. I’ll give them a 3 out of 5 too.

Due to the variations in these chai’s there may be one for everyone but Starbucks the best to me followed by Pret. These also work if you have a preference of sweet (Starbucks) or spicy (Pret).

Do you agree with these and should I try out smaller places next?