Foodie TV and Movies

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I have mentioned my favourite food related movies in the past, (see that post here) and while they are still some of my favourites, I thought I would expand the list since some of us have some extra time on our hands.

So, grab some snacks and get comfy, it’s time to watch some TV.


*Last Holiday

This isn’t food based but the main character is a huge foodie and after a work accident decides that it is time to start living life to the fullest. It’s a feel good movie but will probably have you longing to complete your bucket list.

*The Hundred Foot Journey

An Indian family moves to France and sets up a restaurant right across from a Michelin starred establishment. As you can guess it is a movie full of culinary competition that tries to get to the root of what is really important when it comes to food. I feel at times the movies doesn’t hit the notes its reaching for but it stars Helen Mirren, so it’s definately worth a watch.

There are also a couple movies that I’m really looking forward to seeing such as Burnt and Uncorked. If you have seen these let me know what you thought.


Shows like Great British Bake Off and Masterchef are classics however there are many more out there including much more in-depth shows to really get your teeth into.


Chef’s Table

If you are interested more in the chef behind some of the biggest restaurants in the world, this is the show to see. There are many seasons covering so many different chefs from the famous Massimo Bottura to some lesser known chefs such as Bo Songvisava. This is a must see show for any chef but very interesting for anyone that loves food and its stories.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

This show takes the basics of food and really hones in to why these are important. Once these steps are understood everything you cook can be elevated. You cant watch this show and not learn something new and the host Samin Nosrat will pull you in with her own love of food and learning.

Nosrat has also released a book with the same title as the show, I believe the show was set up after the success of the book. However if you liked the show, *you’ll love the book.


If you want to travel even further into the world of food and how it affects everyone’s lives, now and and in our history, watch this with Micheal Pollan. Pollan has such a way with words you can’t watch with without seriously think about food and our relationship with it,


Nailed It

At first this show was so hard for me to watch as it shows such disasters but the combination of Nicole Byer (comedian) and Jacques Torres (chocolate master) as hosts is amazing. Their reactions to all the creations on this show is something to see. Whether your laughing or screaming at the TV you’ll enjoy this show.

Sugar Rush

A fast paced baking competition with professionals trying to win the grand prize. Watch this after Nailed it to see how baking should be done and how amazing some pieces can really look. The ideas produced on this show show some very inspiring creativity.

The Chef Show

Have you seen Chef the movie but wanted more. Now is your chance with The Chef Show. Jon Favreau continues to cook but around many known known establishments and with many celebrity guests. It’s a fun show giving you celebrity interviews and expert cooking tips.

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

Need some more spookiness in your life or wanting to get ready for Halloween? Watch this show. Like crafts? Watch this show. Like food? Watch this show. Like good TV? Watch this show.

Netflix should have renewed this show, I’m still bitter about it but anyway, I love this show and think everyone should watch it. Definitely for those with a dark sense of humour though.

What ever you decide to watch I hope you love it and if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them.