Time to Get Creative in the Kitchen

Life is different for everyone at the moment and over the next week I will be providing posts on a range of topics that my help some of us get through this difficult time. This post will start with getting creative in the kitchen as food is very close to my heart and often a source of comfort.


Lets start with cookbooks. I’m not recommending any to buy right now but if you have any at home this is the perfect time to finally try out those recipes you’ve always wanted to. Even just having a flick through for inspiration can be fun.

Online there are also a wide variety of sources to choose from, many of which are free. Below I have put some of my recent favourites which are really easy to follow.

Loaf of bread produced using the no knead recipe from get creative in the kitchen post


If you’re in the mood for bread, I have found the easiest recipe for you. It just takes a bit of time. Jim Lahey from NYC created this no-knead bread recipe and you knead to try it, (not sorry).

Click here for the recipe and look forward to an awesome loaf with such a good crust.


If you prefer something sweeter have you heard of Cupcake Jemma? She has a great YouTube channel offering you the opportunity to try many different creations. Along with recipes, her team shares lots of kitchen tips on how to decorate and improve your baking. Basically, its a YouTube channel you need to visit so click here.

Doughnuts created from the bread ahead recipe ebook from get creative in the kitchen post

Following this, check out those behind the Bread Ahead bakery. They are currently providing tutorials on their Instagram page and have released some E-books on their website. If like me, you have always wanted to try their doughnuts but don’t stay anywhere near them, now is your chance. You won’t be disappointed.

Check back in a few days where I’ll be discussing some of the best foodie TV/Movies. In the mean time get creative in the kitchen, have fun baking and remember to wash your hands.

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