New In Glasgow 2018

Glasgow is a city that is always changing especially when it comes to the food scene. There are always new places to try and new food to discover. This year has been no different. Below are a selection of choices that I wanted to highlight as I’m either dying to try them or just find the premise interesting and look forward to seeing how well they succeed in such a difficult market.

Prosecco and Pasta restaraunt Te Seba

Prosecco and Pasta is a winning combination and from what I can see from the Te Seba menu there are lots of pasta and prosecco options available. However they seem to be taking the same route as Paesano. Take it back to the basics and do what you know well. This is a location high on my need to try list and I will let you know what I think as soon as I get there. The restaurant doesn’t take reservations but they say they will find you a seat. I am hoping this is the new place to go for pasta as you can’t beat it when it’s fresh. Fingers crossed for a new favourite.

The Platform Market

The Platform Market is up and running and very popular. Each week there are lots of options available to try and so far everything I have had has been good. This is a place for all the family to just relax with some good food. There are a couple bars in the venue so it is geared more to adults in the evening but children are more than welcome during the day. The venue has a very relaxed feel and is a great place to hang out and catch up with friends. This is also a great place to come when it’s warm out as it’s covered and can be a nice cool place when you need to escape the sun.

Platform Market Food

The Cat cafe

I am not a cat person, I love dogs, but I know that a lot of people love cats and I can see this place being a big draw. I am interested to find out from my cat loving friends what the place is like and if the cats are the only draw. The food has to be good to right? I have read online that there is possibly going to be a dog cafe coming to town, if so I will definitely be there. Is this a trend or something that lasts? I hope it’s the latter as I do worry about the animals.

The Cat Cafe Glasgow

Tantrum Doughnuts

Tantrum doughnuts have become known around Glasgow as some of the best you can get. I’ve heard about them a few times when the topic of great doughnuts came up and I was happy to hear that they opened a store in the city centre. I could finally try them. Tantrum offer a variety of 12 donuts from well known flavours and lesser known flavours. I recently went to try the Banoffee and the ‘Old fashioned’ donut and they were those particular donuts weren’t for me. I need to try other (sweeter) donuts to really decide on them first.

Tantrum Donuts

El Perro Negro

Is this the holy grail of burgers? Many times when these burgers popped up around Glasgow they became number one favourites. It was a burger I had heard of but never actually seen. Was it a myth? Then I heard that they were opening up their own place in Finniston and I can’t wait to give them a try. The menu offers three kinds of fries – two tofu burgers – two types of chicken wings and a choice of 6 burgers that just aren’t your usual choices. I have my eye on the black dog burger and the buffalo chicken wings with some skin on fries. There will be a review here soon for sure.