Healthy Ice Cream – Too good to be true?

Is it now the time that we say goodbye to Ben & Jerry’s? The markets are becoming full of lighter option healthy ice-creams trying to steal our attention from the indulgent full fat flavours. There are so many options now on the market could some of these become a new favourite and be the new staples in our freezers? Let’s see what’s on offer and how they compare.

Halo Top

Tub of Halo Top Vanilla Ice Cream

Halo┬áTop Cinnamon Roll is my new favourite – it has such a nice sweet yet spicy taste and the texture is lovely and creamy. It is a soft ice-cream and can be eaten straight out of the freezer. There are currently 7 flavours available in the UK. I’m hoping over time we will get some of the flavours from the USA. At the moment this range has something for everyone and with calories for a whole tub ranging between 280 and 360 it wont harm your diet either. Halo Top is now something I always like to have in my freezer as it is great for a sweet treat with no guilt calorie wise. For a review of the flavours check out my Halo Top review here.

Breyers Delights

close up Breyers Cookies and cream ice-cream tub of Breyers Cookies and cream ice-cream

I have only tried one flavour from this brand (The Cookies & Cream) but I don’t think this is the brand for me. The ice-cream is very firm when it comes out of the freezer and not very creamy. The cookies in the ice-cream are very soft and resemble Oreos but there are not enough of them. At 350 calories a tub it is better for you than some on the market but not as good as some of the Halo Top options.


I tried the Salted Caramel flavour recently and you would not know this is classed as a lighter icecream. Very creamy with a light salted caramel flavour. It is a bit firmer straight from the freezer but you just need to give it a couple of minutes. This ice-cream also goes well with desserts. I made a tarte tatin in college last week and this ice-cream was the perfect partner.

Oppo currently have four flavours available in the UK some of which even have a great taste award. So the taste and the texture is there but the calories are higher for these tubs ranging from 375-425 which is why they advertise the calories per scoop. They are better than some brands but if you want to eat the whole tub you may want to watch what ones you get.

Oppo Icecream close up Oppo Icecream Salted Caramel

So, do these ‘healthy’ ice creams compare to the full fat ones? In a way yes, some flavours provide the great sweet and cool taste we crave when we want ice-cream but they are certainly not all equal. Halo Top is a winner for me, I liked most of them but the cinnamon one is a new overall favourite. The Oppo is also nice and I would like to try other flavours but I wouldn’t have these in all the time.

Will I stop eating Ben & Jerry’s for these, no but with these I may be able to have ice-cream whenever I crave it rather than once in a while.