Paesano Pizza

Say hello to the best pizza in Glasgow.

I had been asked many times when I was going to Paesano and told how much I needed to go there before I finally went.

I had always seen that it was a busy place and I’m not a very patient person. If I think I’m going to have to wait long for a table I’ll head somewhere else. Nothing against the restaurant, I’ll try it another day, I just don’t want to wait too long. As you are unable to book Paesano I thought it was best to leave it till the hype died down a bit.

Paesano Pizza

Paesano in Glasgow City Centre

The hype did not die down quickly, they are always busy so they opened a second location in the West End on Great Western Road. A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I were shopping in the West End and got hungry and chanced our hand at getting a table. Luckily for us a few tables were leaving as we arrived so we got a table really quickly.

The menu is smaller than some locations but they focus on great quality dishes so anything you order will be fresh and delicious.

The service is also very quick so this is a great location if you want food in a hurry – even if you have a bit of a wait. Each pizza cooks in under 5 minutes. Once you have ordered your meal will be with you in no time at all.

As a side I ordered the buratta as I had never had the chance to try it before. It was something I had heard of many times but never seen on menus. The buratta was lovely, very soft and fresh which went well with the slight tartness of the tomatoes.

The pizza’s themselves really are showstoppers. The sourdough was soft and fluffy and the slight charred taste complimented the dough very well. Paesano want to provide Glasgow with a true taste of Italy with a classic Napoletana pizza. If this is a traditional pizza I am not surprised that Italians regard this as the best pizza in the world.

The dough at Paesano has a long proofing time which creates the beautiful soft crust. The pizza dough is proofed for up to 48 hours and then cooked at 500C in a wood fired oven. The wood fired ovens were brought over from Naples, Italy and this was a move which has certainly paid off for Paesano.

If you want pizza when visting Glasgow this is where you need to go. There are other good pizzas out there but this is my top recommendation now. There is no way you won’t enjoy these pizzas.

Paesano Pizza