Indulgent Treats

There are times when we should eat what ever we want. We all need a treat now and then and movie nights are my favourite time for this. I love to indulge and I wanted to share some of my favourite movie night treats.

The Coke Float

Vanilla Ice cream in a tall glass covered in coke creating a cold and creamy treat with lovely cola bubbles over the top. Heaven in a glass, everyone needs to try one of these at some time in there life. I like to add maltesers to my float in between the layers of ice-cream. This adds some crunch and a flake always tops it off nicely.

Ice-cream coke float in tall glassYou can add other sweets but I find the malteaser a good fit as its adds another texture. Using just icecream and coke can get too much as by the end it can just be a big creamy mess. Adding some crunch helps your taste buds get a new flavour and reduces how sweet the float is even though everything is sweet.

The best ice-cream to use is a firm ice-cream. Cheaper ice-creams actually work best. The creamier the ice-cream the more it will melt into the coke and you may as well just drink a vanilla coke instead.


Over the last few years popcorn has had some huge popularity with so many new brand and flavours to try. Joe & Seph popcorn is a standout luxury brand, I particularly like the caramel and white chocolate flavour. However the supermarkets are filled with great options now too, all at good prices. My top choices from the supermarket are the classic Butterkist Toffee popcorn or the Metcalfes Skinny Sweet n Salt popcorn.

toffee popcorn in metal bowl

Dairy Milk Oreo Sandwich bar

This new bar from Cadburys is just perfect. It is my new favourite bar. Rather than the Oreo being encased in chocolate, which is also something I recommend, this bar starts with the Oreo and has the dairy milk chocolate in the centre, then topped with the Oreo creme and finished with another Oreo piece. It is exactly as it sounds an Oreo sandwich but so much better. The light crunch of the Oreo and milky creme combining with the bite of the dairy milk goes together really well. All the flavours and textures make this the new must try bar. This bar is so good it also sneaks itself onto my desk when I’m trying to work.

Oreo Sandwich Bar

Top Movies to go with your Indulgent Treats.

If you are in the mood for some horror and gore check out Jigsaw. The final piece of the Saw franchise (or is it). If you loved the first few Saw movies this goes back to the basics and gives you the great ending we all expected but it’s not as gory as some of this films. If you are a Saw fan this film will make you sad that this may really be the end.

If you are looking for more of a feel good movie my favourite is Julie and Julia. The tale of two foodies trying to find their way in the world. Such a feel good movie and as always Meryl Streep is great as Julia Child. Check out my Foodie Films post for a longer review.

Another film that is good for all the family is The Secret Life of Pets. I was surprised how much I liked this movie. It’s about a dog who goes missing in the city and his friends set out to find him. Throughout the movie they come across lots of interesting characters. Even though I don’t like cats, Chloe the cat seems to my spirit animal.

What will you be watching on your next movie night?