The Superfood Bible by Parragon Books

The Superfood Bible by Parragon Books

The Superfood Bible showcases 150 items of healthy ingredients each accompanied by a great recipe. Nutritional information, health facts and helpful tips are also provided for each piece of superfood.

The Superfood Bible - Grapefruit salad pageThe Superfood Bible - Peppers pageThe book is split into sections including fruit, vegetables, meat and grains which allows for quick checks when looking for some tasty inspiration.

This lovely hardback is filled with images that truly represent each ingredient. It is a perfect book for anyone who loves healthy foods or just wants to learn more about them.

I’ve tried many of the recipes over the last couple of weeks and I loved the smoked salmon and grapefruit salad. I had never tried grapefruit before but

I really enjoyed the tartness of it which went well with the peppery rocket. It’s a light option but highly recommended.The book suggests other types of fish for variation but due to how well pineapple goes with gammon I would love to try this dish with some pork.

The chicken chow mein was good and very quick to make. I was going to try the stuffed peppers however due to time-issues I changed the process so that I could have the dish for lunch. All the same ingredients just done as a stir-fry instead. I added kale to mine which added extra nutrition but I wasn’t a fan of it.

Filled chicken and salad

Salmon and Grapefruit salad

I also attempted the cheddar and apple stuffed chicken breasts but left the apples and onions too long and needed to change it to a garlic and cheese filling. The rest of the prep was all the same and it was delicious and I’ll try the apple filling again soon.
The recipes all look very appealing and when first going through the book it was hard to decide what meals I wanted to create.

This is my favourite health food book right now and if you want to learn more about why superfoods are super get this.