Sainsbury’s Health Shots

Sainsbury's Health Shots - three bottlesThere are some days you want something that makes you feel like your being healthy and helping your body.

The health shots from Sainsbury’s are the key to this.

I discovered them by chance as I popped into the store to grab a lunch and they were by the chilled drinks. There are three types available, Cayenne Kick, Sweet Beets and Ginger Boost.

Cayenne Kick shot – an orange base with a slow heat coming through. The heat is not overpowering. This is a very tasty little shot which is refreshing and it just feels like it helps your health.

Sweet Beets Shot – smells worst than it tastes. I like beetroot but the smell of this is to much. The apple comes through slightly and takes away the strong beetroot taste. I prefer to eat my beetroot so I won’t repurchase this much.

Ginger Boost shot – Very strong ginger smell but mild in the taste. At first it could be any apple juice but the heat of the ginger comes through and keeps coming while it coats your throat.

Personally I liked the cayenne shot the best, I found it very refreshing with a good kick.

These drinks are all natural and made with the good stuff but they are small, only 100ml each. At just £1 though they are worth a try if you want to add some extra health boosts into your diet.