The Delicious Deli Company – Steak Sauces

At Christmas I was gifted the Steak Sauce trio gift set by The Delicious Deli Company and decided to try each one last night with my rib-eye dinner.

The whisky sauce was very strong. The basis of the sauce is a barbecue but the only taste you can get is a whisky. This is not a flavour for anyone other than those who love whisky.

The rum sauce again had a barbecue base but with a spice through it. The rum flavour is much more subtle than the whisky but the sauce as a whole is very flavoursome.

Delicious Deli Steak Sauce

The Brandy and Peppercorn sauce is overpowered with black pepper and quite thick. I couldn’t taste anything of the brandy only black pepper. The sauce was also very thick and gloopy. I didn’t enjoy the texture but my boyfriend loved this one.

We have decided that the the peppercorn is his, the whisky is mine and we can share the rum.

This was a very thoughtful gift as I love steak however there are much better sauces on the market and I wouldn’t recommend these as a gift option next year.