Sibberi Waters

Sibberi Water Maple and BirchIn January many of us are trying to be more active and opting for healthier options with our food and drink choices. I am a very huge diet coke fan and drink far more than I should. As part of my new year plan I decided to try more flavoured waters to see if they are any good.

I discovered the brand Sibberi in Boots and they offer Birch Water and Maple water. Each bottle is filled with just tree water either maple sap or birch sap. Deriving just from the tree means that the product is completely natural and the brand states that their drinks can contain up to 4 times less sugar than the other popular choice, coconut water.

The birch option was not really for me but the taste is not overwhelming. At first taste it could be any bottle of refreshing water but the birch flavour comes through in the aftertaste. It is not unpleasant it just lets you know you are drinking something different. Sibberi says that their birch water has a quarter of the sugar than coconut water and has only 10 calories a bottle.

The maple option is better for anyone with a sweet tooth. It has the same style as the birch water, crisp and refreshing at first and then sweet in the aftertaste. Don’t expect something like maple syrup this has a much lighter flavour. Sibberi also states that their maple water has half of the sugar that coconut water has and is only 30 calories a bottle.

At Boots each bottle is currently priced at £2.50 for 500ml which is fair due to the process involved in filling these bottles but some could find this expensive. Also there is another maple water on the market called DrinkMaple which I prefer as it is a little sweeter. The down side is that DrinkMaple is a much smaller bottle for around the same price. If you find a larger bottle then its better value.

In all honesty they are not bad drinks but I wouldn’t buy these again. I read on their site they also have a bamboo water, which I would try if I ever found it, just to see the difference.

If you want to try these tree waters they can also be found in Waitrose, Wholefoods, Ocado and Sainsbury’s.
For more information on the brand check out their site –