Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate - milk chocolate with spiced cookies

If you are in need of some festive treats but don’t fancy a mince pie here is a chocolate to try.┬áDivine Chocolate have come out with a milk chocolate with spiced cookies.

The bar is a lovely smooth and creamy chocolate with a generous blend of crumbly cookies. If you don’t love chocolate too sweet the cookies break up the sweetness for a great taste.

The spice of the cookies are are quite light but build up the more you crunch through the bar. They’re not overpowering but you still get the festive taste.

This was my first divine bar and it’s a good start. Reading up on the company after my first taste I discovered that the company is a fair trade chocolate company owned by chocolate farmers. Each wrapper also has a story of one of the farmers and details the african symbols used on the wrapper.

I find it very interesting to know how food companies start and knowing that these products also benefit those that grow the cocoa makes me want to certainly from them again.

These Divine Chocolate bars are limited edition so go quickly and find one.