The GBBO – The Final 2016

My word am I a bad blogger. The Great British Bake Off finished months ago and I just realized that I never posted my final blog of the show/bakes.

Better late than never right?

finished victoria sponge

As we all know now, Candice was the winner and she deserved it. Over this year’s season she always pushed her limits but succeeded in what she did. At the start of the episode I did want Andrew to win and then Jane but by the end Candice did so well and had been very consistent. She had to win.

The challenges that they were set was to the theme of The Royal Treatment. The first challenge was to make a filled meringue crown followed by a victoria sponge and the show-stopper was a picnic fit for a queen. As much I as wanted to try and make the picnic I didn’t have the time for it so I made the victoria sponge and attempted the meringue crown.


The victoria sponge took two attempts as I forgot to line my cakes pans the first time round and lost a lot of the cake to the pan. I tried again and the sponge went well (I can’t remember what recipe I used) but I got a bit carried away with the cream for the middle. I began by piping it and seemed to use it as piping practice which meant it was overstuffed with cream. A lot of cream had to be scraped off the sides before it was sent off to my boyfriend’s work.

The meringue crown did not last till pictures and didn’t make it to crown stage. Once I had made all my pieces I didn’t think I had made enough for the crown I was picturing in my head. So we just started eating it and it was good.

The final of my baking may not have gone well and neither has writing this blog but it’s only that start and I’m hoping to get my motivation back soon.

piping practisefailed victoria sponge