New Year Feasts

new year feast

It’s a new year again. The time that diets start again and everyone wants to eat healthy. The Christmas period is full of indulgent treats but why end it so suddenly. Let’s celebrate the start of a new year with a wee feast.

This new year we decided on a finger food feast. Light enough for after the Christmas period but enough nibbles to keep you satisfied at dinner time and through out the night.

selection platterWe started with some meats, there are many you can choose from but we went for the Finest selection from Tesco. A selection of four meats that will keep your taste buds happy after all the sweetness. From salty to a slight hint of heat it is a great selection to try.


If we fancied something a bit more meaty we went with standard cocktail sausages to keep you feeling like you are having more for diner than just snacks. We added to this some carrots, plum tomatoes, crisps and dips to add in some different textures.

biscuits for cheeseTo add on or to finish we have the classic cheese and crackers. My boyfriend found us a great cheese biscuit selection in a lovely tin. We added a choice of festive cheeses (a wensleydale cheese with sweetened dried cranberries and a cheddar with apple, sage and onion stuffing )and a selection of our current favourites from Lynne Bank Farm.

lymn bank farm cheeseWe have tried a high proportion of the lynn bank cheeses and we pick them up regularly from markets of food shows. Our picks for the feast were Garden Herbs and Garlic, Two Smoking Barrels and Caramelised Red Onion.

These cheeses have a slight rubbery look at first they slice beautifully and have a great creamy but firm texture. The flavours standout but are not overpowering. I highly recommend these. The Caramelised Red Onion is my favourite of all the flavours I have had so far.

Starting the year well with this feast, looking forward to see what’s discovered this year.

Happy New Year Everyone!