The Counter Glasgow – Burger Checklist

Glasgow is full of burger places and when I heard about another one opening I wasn’t too excited. It’s not that I don’t like a burger, I do but how can all of these places compete. There are some strong competitors around and not everyone can be the best. Can a new burger spot really stand out? The Counter Glasgow aims to do just that with a unique way of ordering.

The Counter brand comes from the states and the Glasgow location is their first and only UK restaurant. The Counter came to Glasgow to show us how burgers can be done differently. It is time to be creative with your burger with their Burger Checklist.

The Counter MenusRather than order your usual every time you go out The Counter wants you to get creative and not just with your burger toppings.

When you create your burger you choose what meat you want, the size of burger, the type of bun, the type of greens, the cheese, the sauce and then the toppings. You have complete free reign over how you want your burger and there are plenty of options to choose from too. I had a big struggle trying to choose which of the 14 cheeses I wanted.

Creating your own burger is fun and I can definitely see people going back to try new variations. If too many choices isn’t for you, they do have a menu consisting of The Counter’s own burger creations, salads and sandwiches.

The Counter Burger

When I went they were a little understaffed and didn’t have an alcohol license¬†due to managerial changes.. This meant the service was a little slow but the server was very friendly and apologetic so I didn’t mind. The drinks menu was reduced to sodas or shakes which is a shame as they have a decent (albeit small) cocktail menu.

I decided to skip the starters and ordered a create your own burger, a side of fries and a diet coke. However after seeing some of the milkshakes available I wish I had ordered one of those. They all looked very good.

When my burger arrived I was happy that everything went well together but I was surprised that the sauce you select is served on the side rather than in your burger. I guess this is good for those who don’t enjoy a lot of sauce or like something to dip your chips into.

I will go back to The Counter as I really enjoyed choosing my burger however I didn’t really enjoy the burger itself. It was a nice burger but I’ve had better. The problem with so many choices is that sometimes not all of the ingredients are done well. My burger wasn’t as flavoursome as I would have hoped.

The Counter create your own burger menu

Even though I didn’t love my burger, I do believe that if you are in the area you should give The Counter a try. It’s a fun idea and something every age group can enjoy. Maybe just give them a couple weeks to get back to full service.