Easter Fudge – Easter Sunday 2018

Cadbury’s Cream Eggs and Mini eggs are an important part of my Easter. They are some of my favourite Easter treats and I need to have these every year. So why not combine them like in this Easter Fudge from the site Great British Chefs.

I discovered this recipe on Pinterest and wanted to share how easy it was.

I’ve made tablet many times but never fudge so I wanted to see which was easier. The fudge was easier. The below steps are all you need to do to create something very yummy.

  • Put everything in a big pot (a five litre will do)
  • Melt it all down and bring to a simmer
  • leave to cook until it reaches 115°C
  • take off the heat for a few minutes
  • then beat with an electric whisk for 5 minutes.
  • Mix through the cream eggs and top with mini eggs.
  • leave to cool
  • For more details check out the

For more details check out the recipe here.

Once chilled this fudge is lovely, soft and creamy with a soft bite to it. The cream eggs add a slight chew in parts and the mini eggs add a good crunch. Having all the different textures creates a great treat for the Easter weekend.

I don’t think this will last the rest of the long weekend.

I hope you all have a great Easter and the next post will be up soon.