Protein Range from Holland and Barratt

I find being healthy hard at times and struggle to get all my macro nutrients in the day. I can easily get carbs but protein and healthy fats is harder.

In an attempt to eat better I checked out the Holland and Barrett website for some healthier snack alternatives.

The first item to reach my basket was The Protein Works – The Big Z Hot Chocolate.  The back of the pack states this a good evening drink as it helps to promote sleep. Made with casein and whey protein and an amino acid blend, including l-theanine which promotes relaxation. After trying this warm, I can confirm that it does make you feel quite sleepy.

The drink can also be taken cold and tastes just as good. When making it, it is best to use a shaker. Stirring the powder into the water will leave you with clumps of powder. The drink, hot or cold, is quite thick in consistency but very creamy with a mild chocolate taste. I don’t think milk is needed, using just water creates a nice treat.

I would have this again and I will as the pack provides 16 servings and costs £14.90.

I also picked up a couple of porridge pots from The Protein Works which I really liked. There was a banana choc chip pot and an apple cinnamon pot and they are priced at £1.99 each. The banana one was better even though it doesn’t taste of chocolate. I think the chocolate melts and helps it become creamier.

They are very easy to prepare, just add some water and they come with their own spoons, so good for travelling. As we all know carbs help to fill you up and these certainly do which also makes them a good snack or quick breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, pancakes are something I love and could eat all the time but they are not always good for you.  When I went through the site I found a pancake mix by Optimum Nutrition and thought I would give it a try. Getting a giant pancake for under 200 calories and 20g of protein, yes please.

Again it was very easy to prepare just add water, mix and then pop it in the pan. When cooking it smells really nice but it took longer to cook than I thought it would. It also doesn’t look like it does in the picture. I would describe it more of a pancake/crepe and was quite bland. If you just wanted a pancake this won’t be for you but if you love to have lots of fruit as a topping, maybe with some Greek yogurt and a few nuts, then this is a good base.

You can get individual portions for £1.99 or an over 1kg tub for £26.99.

Lastly was the Protein Works Brownies. Priced at £1.99 each but currently on offer for 99p. These are a cross between a brownie and a protein bar. Described as soft-baked, they are soft but not cakey.

I thought the caramel brownie had a weird taste to it and had no idea where the caramel was even though it’s called a caramel blast.It did smell chocolatey but not a good chocolate. The hazelnut one had the same texture but a very strong hazelnut taste along with the chocolate. The hazelnut one was more like a brownie and I would recommend this one. I was also happy that they were both low in calories, under 120 per brownie.

As for having them again, maybe now and again. I don’t see it being good for an after the gym snack but good for on the go and you start craving something sweet.

I am always on the lookout for a new snack so if you have any recommendations send them my way. If you like this type of post also let me know and check back at the end of the week for a review of grenade bars and bounce balls.