Bounce Balls

Energy balls or protein balls have been around for quite some time now. There are many options in the market to choose from and there are load of recipes for you to make your own. I like making my own now and then, but if I am going to buy them, it will mostly be from the Bounce range.

I have tried a few different brands but the almond Bounce Ball is my absolute favourite. I always come back to it. If it is on offer I need to stock up on it. I decided then to dedicate a post to them at Bounce.

The company Bounce was founded in 2004 by husband and wife, Andy and Paula Hannagan. Both had a career in personal training and life coaching but they had the idea to focus on snacks that could be healthy, nutritious and tasty. Starting in their garage they are now a big brand inspiring people across the country in new ways to snack.

Bounce Balls

almond bounce ball

The Bounce Balls currently come in 7 different flavours and I will say again the almond is the best. The snacks have such a strong flavour that you almost forget you are eating something healthy. Each ball has quite a firm texture but that leads into a slight chew. Even though each one is quite small they are incredibly filling. Each ball contains high protein and high fibre which helps to make you feel fuller for longer. I have had all of the flavours except for the peanut and they are all flavoursome and healthy. These are a great snack to carry with you.

Bounce V Life

Bounce Balls

To add even more nutrition to their snacks Bounce created the V Life balls to incorporate super-food into everyone’s diets. Each ball is vegan friendly unlike the Bounce Balls which are only vegetarian friendly.  The V Life balls have 5 varieties to choose from including Almond Spirulina and Almond Kale. I have only had the Beetroot and Cashew flavour of these and even though it was full on flavour it wasn’t for me. I like beetroot but this just didn’t taste quite right. I would definitley be interested in trying more of the range though. The texture is almost the same as the Bounce Balls just a bit drier.

Bounce Bites

A recent discovery to me is the packets of Bounce Bites. I have tried the Sweet & Salty Almond ones and I can tell you, they are good. Smaller than the Bounce Balls, more bite size with a smooth outside, rather than nut coated. They are a bit softer than the balls too but still have a slight chew. Also full of fibre and protein and just as tasty. A serving of these comes as 3 balls for 120 calories. This is a great option to have sitting in your desk drawer.


Bounce Bites packet


The Balls are all priced at £1.99 and the Bites are £2.99. Bounce can be found in all major supermarkets and health food shops along with many other locations. For more information on Bounce check out their site here.