Jack Daniels Cider

Jack Daniels Cider - Crate

I finally found the Jack Daniels cider last week and was extremely excited to try it as I am a huge Jack Daniels fan.

This cider did not disappoint. The Jack Daniels cider has a crisp apple taste and a slight fizz. The tang of apple gets you first and then its followed by a slight hint of bourbon. I had the cider straight from the fridge and I couldn’t really taste the bourbon but you can tell there is something extra. It reminds me of the Jeremiah Weed Sour Mash, which I loved but is hard to find.

JD Cider BottlesI had put most of the ciders in the fridge but left one out and the temperature difference makes a big difference in taste. When left at room temperature the taste of Jack Daniels is far more prominent. When cold the crisp apple takes over in flavour but room temperature sees that mellow bourbon taste shine through first.

Bourbon and cider work very well together and if you are a fan of either give this a try at both temperatures to find your favourite. If you are a cider drinker I would recommend this unless you only enjoy the strong still craft ciders. This is a light and very easy to drink cider but won’t be to everyone’s taste.

I found my bottles in Morrison’s and they are currently priced at £1.67. They are also available in Asda for £2.  At least try one…