Cheese Discoveries

Cheese SelectionBefore we get too far into this let me start by saying how much I love cheese. I love most cheeses but cheddar is definitely my favourite and I struggle to think of a cheddar I have tried and didn’t like.

Today I wanted to mention a couple of brands that I’ve discovered over the last year.

First The Dam Fine Cheese Company. The team behind this company spent many years selling cheese all over the world and decided to settle in Scotland. They wanted to show off what they believed to be the best of cheese. They certainly do know a good cheese. When you spot their mouse logo give them a try for £4 a truckle.

Last time I saw them I picked up The Wee Yeasty Beasty, Black Gold and Whisky & Orange.

Dam Fine Cheese CompanyThe Wee Yeasty Beasty – Cheddar cheese with a yeasty undertone which ends on the palette tasting of smoky bacon and it works.

Black Gold – Cheddar with added charcoal. Looks strange but is a beautiful cheddar cheese with such a creamy melt in the mouth feel.

Whisky & Orange – A creamy cheddar with the fruity orange cutting through and then changing into the smooth taste of whisky.

If you want to try another flavour I recommend the Garlic & Chive.

Look out for this lot at farmers markets and country shows or online here.

The next brand is The British Cheese Company set up by two food lovers with a passion for cheese. They wanted to start a business that would show case what cheese could really be and they became award winners. In their patriotic stand they have a selection of 14 artisan cheeses in waxed truckles. The company had the aim to make cheese as it was, cheese with a great texture and full on flavour. They wanted to make cheese that would be the meal not just part of it.
You can taste the passion for quality in each truckle as no matter how strange the flavour combination is, they make it work. Each one just tastes of great cheese with that little something extra.

Great British Cheese CompanyI last brought home the The Drunken Monk, Ploughmans Choice, the Mature Cheddar with Smokey Peppadew Peppers & Garlic and the Whisky Mac. Another one to try would be their Flagship.

Whisky Mac Cheddar – Cheddar cheese with the hint of whisky and a sweet flavour from the ginger reminiscent of fruit filled cheeses.

Mature Cheddar with Smokey Peppadew Peppers & Garlic – This is a pepperoni pizza disguised as cheese. Your cheese on toast will never be the same again.

The Drunken Monk – A mature cheddar with red wine and caramelised red onions. This combination of sweet red onions and a hint of wine that you would struggle to pin down is a true gem. I didn’t like the idea but it’s my favourite one.

Ploughmans Choice – A mature cheddar with a onion and chive flavour. The onion is very mild so don’t worry about your breath but check your teeth for some leftover chive.

Each Truckle is sold for £4.50 each or when visiting the stalls they usually have specials offers on.

Find them around Scotland at farmers markets and food fairs or online hereCheese Discovery