The New Ruby KitKat

Did you know there is a new Ruby Kit Kat available made from a new fourth kind of chocolate? Well, now you do.

Barry Callebaut, a Belgian-Swiss chocolate company have been working on the 4th kind of chocolate since 2004 and last year revealed their creation to the world. The new chocolate has a naturally pink colour which derives from unfermented cocoa beans. The flavour of the new chocolate is being described as a berry flavour with a slight sour taste. Can a chocolate that tastes fruity and creamy be the next big thing?

Nestle wanted to be the first to launch a commercial chocolate product using the new ruby chocolate. They worked hard and fast to release the Ruby Kit Kat which are currently available in the UK exclusive to Tesco stores. They are not currently being sold in all Tesco store and most people, myself included have had the best luck finding these Kit Kats in smaller Tesco stores.

Ruby Kit Kat'sThe launch for these was due to be the 16th of April however after some distribution issues there were some delays. I was initially really excited to try a new chocolate and was constantly checking Tesco stores to see if they were in stock. Twitter was also my new best friend trying to see where people found them and what they though of them.

Initial reviews were split with some people loving them and others thinking they were eating something from a lush store. Once I got my hands on one, OK a few, I could see why they would divide opinions. The new chocolate has a strong fruity smell but it still looks like a Kit Kat. It is not floral enough for me to think of a Lush store. The taste at first is mild and then builds up, it gets more fruity as it goes. Don’t expect just one fruit flavour, to me it was more of a dark fruit taste. It does have a slight tang to it as well which is very unusual but not greatly unpleasant. It will be an acquired taste and I will not be buying these over the milk chocolate Kit Kats.

I believe the Ruby Chocolate will create a very interesting time for confectioners and bakers. I’m looking forward to seeing what will be made in the future with the ruby chocolate. I think this chocolate could be a great addition to desserts and I hope I can experiment with it soon.

Ruby Chocolate Kit Kat 4 Finger

It won’t be too long until there are other Ruby Chocolate products on the market as even though Nestle tried to be first (in the UK at least) they were beaten by Fortnum & Mason (F&M). F&M released three Ruby Chocolate products just before Nestle planned to release the Kit Kat’s in the UK. They offer Ruby Truffles, a Ruby Chocolate Bar and a bag of Ruby Hot Chocolate . If you are in the London area you can also stop by their Parlour and enjoy a Ruby Hot Chocolate served with cream and sprinkled Ruby Chocolate.

If you want to try the new Ruby chocolate I would suggest the new Ruby Kit Kats as they are currently for sale for only 80p each.