Chocolate Glaze Krispy Kreme

New Doughnut Alert!!! Chocolate Glaze Doughnut out now!

Krispy Kreme have seen the light and added more chocolate to their range. They have added for a limited time only the Chocolate Glaze doughnut.

They will be available at all stores and cabinets for a short time, get yours before the 20th May.

Chocolate Glaze in box April 2018

White Chcocolate Dreamcake, Chocolate Glaze and Custard Doughnuts

If you would like to try a warm chocolate doughnut head over to one of their participating Hotlight stores at the weekend between 5 and 6pm.

Do you need to try this dougnut? Yes, if you love chocolate and love Krispy Kreme.

These doughnuts combine the gorgeous soft fluffy dough of the original donut with a topping of chocolatey sweet goodness on the top, also known as glaze.

What are you waiting for? Go get one!

White Chocolate Dreamcake close up

Psst, if you love white chocolate. Krispy Kreme have also released a White Chocolate Dream Cake. This is a very decadent doughnut and one for you if you think the original dreamcake isn’t quite sweet enough. There is less hype around this one but it’s worth a mention too.