New Coke Flavours

Coca Cola is having a bit of a rebrand lately. Their new adverts are geared towards everyone being included and having a coke because you can. I like the idea behind the new adverts but I wasn’t convinced by the new flavours. I am a huge diet coke fan and I didn’t think that a new flavour would become my new favourite. However it is a new coke item so I had to try them.

Here’s what I thought.

Feisty Cherry diet coke bottle close upFeisty Cherry Diet Coke – not an overwhelming cherry taste but smell is obvious. There is a little kick if you get it at the back of your throat like there’s some chilli in it but it’s not unpleasant. I guess this is why it’s feisty? The kick is more prominent when your drinking with a straw. Once the fizz dies down the cherry and the kick come through more. It’s an alright drink but not for me, I can see it being a popular drink for some though.


Exotic Mango Diet Coke bottle close upExotic Mango Diet Coke – It does really really smell of mango. If you close your eyes and drink you wouldn’t know this was diet coke. The taste is nothing like the smell, it is quite light on the flavour but it is there. Don’t think this will be a taste of the tropics either, it’s just mango. I don’t like mango so this isn’t for me but it could be a nice summer option for some people.


Peach Zero Sugar Coke bottle close upPeach Zero Sugar Coca Cola – Again it does smell like peach but the taste is the lightest. The peach comes in the aftertaste. I’m not a fan of this either as I don’t like peach but if I ever have to have peach I like to add lime, so throw a couple lime slices in it and give it a go. Just don’t have high hopes.


I don’t think these flavours will be huge however I’m sure someone is going to like them. I still love diet coke and support coca cola and I will always try something they bring out. I would love to try the ginger/lime flavour that is available in the states. Hopefully it wont be too long until it comes to the UK. These are two flavours I know go well together as they make up a great Jamesons cocktail.

Will you be checking out these new flavours or will you stick with the classics?