Krispy Kreme Bites and Popcorn

New Krispy Kreme BItes and popcorn

Krispy Kreme like to treat us to limited edition donuts each month but this month they have given us something different. They have given us donut bites instead and as soon as I heard about them I was so excited. I love donuts especially krispy kreme so I had to try these.

The new donut bites were released on Monday and are limited edition so go get them quick. These are the original glaze donuts but in mini version. Who wouldn’t want the Krispy Kreme classic but in a bite size version?

They are just as tasty as the donuts just smaller which is no surprise since they will be the same dough and glaze. These would be a good option if you want a treat but don’t want something overly sweet.

However I do wonder if these are worth the price as they are £3.95 for a box which contains just 8 bites. They would definitely have competition with Tim Hortons, Tim Bits boxes which come in a variety of sizes with various flavours.

Krispy Kreme Popcorn

The bites are currently limited edition but I was speaking with those in the store and they said if these bites do well they will be returning to stores and they will be back with more flavours.

I would recommend getting these but what about the popcorn which are also a fairly recent addition to Krispy Kreme?

The popcorn states it tastes like the Krispy Kreme Original Glaze donuts but it doesn’t. It tastes like the classic cinema style popcorn. They are well puffed but there is still little bits at the bottom. They are buttery and then very sweet. They do taste like they have a sugary glaze but they don’t taste like donuts. Nice option if you want something crunchy to accompany your donuts when visiting Krispy Kreme but maybe not something to go hunting for.

Will you be trying the new Krispy Kreme items or stick with your favourites?