Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate FIT Food

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Gordon Ramsay is a great chef but even he knows that sometimes eating the best food can be quite unhealthy. Eating right can have a huge impact on your health, just as much as exercise. Gordon Ramsay’s new book is more than just a recipe book, it could be a part of your fitness plan.

The book is broken down into sections Healthy, Lean and Fit. Each of these sections are then divided into breakfasts, lunches, dinners and good for you treats. Each of these sectioned recipes will help you whether you want to lose weight, or you have a very active lifestyle or you just want to eat better. Knowing what food if best for you at what times will help you lead the life you want. Ramsay also provides information from macro-nutrients to his experiences with fitness. This is a very informative book with some great recipes.

I started with the apple-pie-spiced porridge as apple and cinnamon is one of my favourite combinations but warm fruit for me is a no-no and I would have preferred more cinnamon. Obviously this is very easy to adjust, so I’ll try it again with more cinnamon and just put apples over the top.

Next was the courgette spaghetti with meatballs, which is a dish I make quite often as it’s a nice healthy choice which is both tasty and quick to make. In Ramsay’s dish he uses turkey mince which helps the dish be that little bit leaner. It’s a good recipe but I do prefer beef meatballs.

Californian 'fried' chicken sandwichThe dish that stood out to me the most was the Californian ‘fried’ chicken sandwich as I love fried chicken but would a non-fried version taste good? Yes! So much yes. It was so easy to make and quick and it was soo yummy. I followed the recipe exactly and the chicken came out with a gorgeous crunchy outside and was juicy and tender on the inside. All of it went really well with the salad, avocado and Ramsay’s dressing. You could customise the burger to suit your tastes but you need to try it as is. It’s really good. My boyfriend loved them too and keeps asking for them again. This is defiantly a new favourite.

If you have ever been worried about how long to cook meat for, I always trust what chef Ramsay has to say. Thanks to him I cooked a pheasant for the first time using his guinea fowl recipe in the FIT section and it came out beautifully. I had also never fried a turkey breast but following the ‘crispy spiced turkey with egg and potato salad’ recipe I got turkey that was enjoyable rather than dry. My coating didn’t work out as well as I hoped but I know better for next time. Make sure your oats are ground up more and add a little extra paprika.

Fried Turkey with potato and eggWe all know, Ramsay knows good food, so it’s not surprising that this is another good book from him. What is refreshing is that it’s different from other healthy books on the market, it’s not just a string of healthy recipes. This is a tool you can use in learning about food and when to eat what.

There are several more recipes I will be trying from this book such as the spiced fish tacos and the Aztec hot chocolate, so if you would like to know more abut the recipes just let me know.

Gordon Ramsay FIT book

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