Easter Bunnies

Easter will be here soon and there is so much chocolate to choose from. There are a wide variety of eggs and many different Easter themed treats but this year I wanted to focus on the Easter Bunny.

At first I wasn’t sure there would be too many out there thinking eggs and chicks rule the Easter roost but there are quite a few bunnies hopping around.

Lindt Chocolate Bunny paw and Lindt Chocolate golden bunny Cadbury's Mousse Bunny bar and Malteaser's bunny bar Cadbury's chocolate bunny and lindt golden bunny

The first clue in my Easter hunt was the bunny paw by Lindt. This solid block of chocolate is a very tasty treat and can be found in Asda for 50p. When you think of Easter and Lindt I’m sure many of you think of the golden bunny. These now come in a variety of sizes including the tiny 10g version which are currently three for £1 in Tesco. These are so cute you would have to buy a few.

All year round Malteasers are a favourite of mine and at Easter they offer their own Bunnies. Made from creamy Malteasers chocolate and crunchy centres. They come individually or you can get packs of mini ones. These are available from most supermarkets.

If you are more of a Cadbury’s fan they have the the Dairy Milk Vanilla Mousse Bunny which is similar to an Aero in texture but extra creamy. Another option is the hollow chocolate bunny, which has a twist this year with added popping candy. The mousse bunny is 50p and the hollow bunny is £1. If you prefer your standard chocolate bar Cadbury’s have released a ‘spring edition’ of their 100g bars. The milk chocolate bar is decorated with a little white chocolate bunny on each square and currently on offer for £1 at Tesco.

Want something a bit more luxurious but still budget friendly? Try Hotel Chocolat. They offer chocolate Hops! This little pack of bunnies is perfect for a mini Easter hunt or a sweet snack. These bunnies can be found in Hotel Chocolat stores or John Lewis for only £2.50.

Are one of these sweets your Easter favourite or do you prefer something even more decadent? If you are looking for something sweeter comeback next week for a review of Hotel Chocolat Cafe and Coro Cafe in Glasgow.

Lindt Mini Bunny surrounded by faux daisys