Taco Bell

Selection of Taco Bell Scotland Food

Glasgow is the first home of Taco Bell Scotland and they opened in the city centre last December. They have also started deliveries so I decided to give them a try.

My first thought was that they were cheaper than I expected them to be with the hard tacos costing just £1.50. When everything arrived the prices made sense.

The items were also much smaller than I thought they would be but on this occasion it was fine as I wanted to try a lot and get a taste of everything.

Taco Bell Scotland Hard Taco and Double Taco

The Tacos

The hard taco was greasy but cheap and cheerful. I ordered the beef taco but they also offer Mexican chicken and refried bean fillings.

The healthier option is a fresco taco filled with grilled chicken. This was much fresher tasting but with how small it is in regards to filling I don’t see it being worth it.

They have a third Taco option called the Cheesy Double Decker which uses both a soft and hard taco. It has more filling than the other tacos but the hard taco loses its crunch due to the excess filling and I think then it loses the point of the taco. It’s not that cheesy either.

Taco Bell Scotland Crunchwrap

Bigger options

If you want something more filling they offer burritos, which again are smaller than other fast food takeouts – however the fajita burrito and nachos could be an option for a quick and light lunch.

My choice if I was returning to Taco Bell would be the crunchwrap which is essentially a filled quesadilla in a hexagon shape. The Mexican chicken which has a slight spicy heat goes well with the salad and cool sour cream. This is quite a filling option and definitely worth a try.

Taco Bell Scotland Burrito and Fresco Taco

Taco Bell could be a good option after your night out or if you want something cheap and quick but I think it will take some time to take over Glasgow. I would go back to Taco Bell but I’m in no hurry. If I wanted a burrito I much prefer the superfood burrito from Bar Burrito and I would prefer making my own fresco tacos.

Will you be giving Taco Bell a try?