Red Velvet Pancakes from Made in the USA

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Shrove Tuesday or Pancake day, which ever your prefer.

Pancakes will be devoured all over the nation for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and why not? Pancakes (or crepes, if you prefer something thinner) can be adapted for any meal time with both sweet and savoury options.

I prefer my pancakes to be sweet or toasted with a bit of butter. That is usually all I need when it comes to a pancake but this year I wanted to branch out and try something new.

Red Velvet Pancakes from Made in the USA

Red Velvet Pancakes from the book Made in the USA by Florence Cornish

Even though pancakes are generally flour, eggs and milk there are so many variations on how to make them. How do you know what ones to choose?

I decided to go through my cook books, particularly the American ones, as I thought I would want a thick fluffy pancake but instead came across a red velvet pancake.

I found the recipe in the book Made in the USA by Florence Cornish. Florence has a clear passion for American cuisine and throughout the book discusses the history of food and many food memories. The book offers American classics and some things with an American twist but everything sounds delicious.

Now onto the pancakes. The recipe makes between 8 and 12 pancakes depending on the size you make. Using a ladle produces the perfect size pancakes for stacking and the gorgeous red makes them a very decadent looking dish.

Made in the USA CookBook

These pancakes are not too thick and have found the balance between fluffy and dense cakey goodness. Three pancakes would be enough for each person especially with the drizzle as they are indulgent. These pancakes are one of the best textures I have had for a while with homemade pancakes.

The red velvet flavour allows these pancakes to be chocolatey but without being too sweet. Florence suggests a cream cheese drizzle with the pancakes but chocolate works well too. However I will be making these again as I will need to try the cream cheese drizzle option too.

These pancakes are very easy to make so join me and try something different this pancake day with these red velvet pancakes.

The book is available on amazon and can be purchased *here.

Red Velvet Pancakes stack from Made in the USA

Red Velvet Pancakes from the book Made in the USA by Florence Cornish