The World’s Most Travelled Restaurant.

The One Star House Party is a pop up restaurant which has appeared in China, Kenya, Mount Everest and many more locations to come. It will be arriving in Glasgow from the 14th to 21st December.

When I heard about the restaurant I was quite surprised I hadn’t heard of it before but when reading up on them I realised that they are quite new but built a following very quickly with where they have travelled to.
They have started a journey of 20 restaurants in 20 countries in just 20 months. They only travel with what they really need, and each month build a new restaurant from scratch. Each meal they create is based on the culture they are surrounded by and the new techniques they have learned from each location.

The founders of this travelling restaurant are a Scottish couple that met in Glasgow and when they return in December they are going to share, along with their very experienced team their favourite dishes with a seven-course tasting menu of all their favourite dishes that they have created over the past few months.

When One Star House Party returns to home turf you can join them on Pollockshaw Road (location to be confirmed) for a night to remember. Tickets are priced at £75 each and it is BYOB. Get your tickets from the 25th November here.

In 2018 they will be travelling to Mexico, Vancouver, Tokyo and more but I hope they continue to come back to Glasgow with all their favourites. What better way to experience world cuisine than by those who just lived in it.

Fingers crossed we can get tickets.