The GBBO – Episode 3 & 4

It’s been awhile here at The Good Food Life but lets recap on Bake Off.

GBBO3 failed chocolate bread

Chocolate Bread – fail

Week 3 was Bread week! The week all about the bread and Paul set up a couple of difficult challenges.

The first has to be a chocolate bread which lead many bakers attempting bakes that were just too big for the time that they had resulting in raw dough. Sadly Candice felt this the worse and Paul didn’t even try her bread.

The technical challenge was a new type of challenge for bake off. It was steamed buns from Germany called dampfnudle. Even though these were a completely new bake for all the bakers Val did the best with her experience making dumplings.

The final challenge was a pleated bread showpiece and there was some unusual designs particularly from Tom with his ‘Thor Hammer’ bread. Mary put it best

GBBO3 Dampfnudle


Bread week is one of my favourite weeks as I love bread in all its forms but this was not my week and my bakes were awful. The chocolate bread wasn’t done all the way through and the dampfnudle didn’t rise enough before the bake and puffed up to much in the pan. I hoped week 4 would be better.

Week 4 was batter week and I was very happy that Selasi was doing well again and I was happy with my progress too.

I made my first ever Yorkshire puddings and they may not have been filled or the same size but they were big just how I like them. For a very first attempt I was happy.


The pancakes took a while to get used to. I am not the best at drawing so trying to create something with a squeeze bottle was a challenge. In the end I just continually did different patterns until the batter was all gone. They may not have been the same size or design but I had fun creating them and they tasted nice with a bit of sugar sprinkled on top.

A final point needs to be about Bake Off moving from the BBC. I think that Bake Off will suffer without Mel and Sue. They are such good presenters that give the show the extra lift it needs to give it its charm. Now with the news of Mary Berry leaving, the show will also be lacking in some regards. Who will talk about soggy bottoms? Paul is staying and many people seem to be against him going to channel 4 but I am a fan of Paul and I’ll watch next season just to see what it’s like.

It will be different but it could be good.

GBBO 3 lacy-panckaes