Time for a New Start

This site has been up for a while and left abandoned for much of that time. There are times when I have been too busy to write anything but for the most part I have been too worried about not having something unique enough to write about. Thinking I would be writing something that wasn’t important enough or being scared of writing something no one would want to read.

These fears have stopped me from even trying.

I started the site as I just wanted to write about food. I wanted to have my own space to share knowledge and discoveries. Not all posts will be valuable to everyone but hopefully just one person may find it helpful. Over time I can then develop and share more and hopefully reach more. Creating a space that connects people who love food and drink. Providing great recipes, new sources of foodie inspiration and maybe even a new favourite food or brand. 

Lets start again with The Good Food Life and see where this journey takes us.